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July 14th - July 20th 2014

Daily Tides

Monday, July 14th
Low Tide: -1.5' @ 8:52 AM

Tuesday, July 15th
Low Tide: -1.2' @ 9:35 AM

Wednesday, July 16th
Low Tide: -0.6' @ 10:20 AM

Thursday, July 17th
Low Tide: 0.0' @ 11:05 AM

Friday, July 18th
Low Tide: 0.8' @ 11:54 AM

Saturday, July 19th
Low Tide: 1.5' @ 12:48 PM

Sunday, July 20th
Low Tide: 2.1' @ 1:48 PM

Notes from the week

Our big news this week comes from the Saddle, where the Black Oystercatchers were seen taking turns warming a pair of eggs. The pair lost their chick earlier in the season, so we're delighted to see that they're giving family life another try. If the eggs hatch, the chicks will be fed by their parents for about a month, and will stay with them for as long as six months.

  A black oystercatcher guards the nest.       Photo: Susan Glarum
HRAP staff took advantage of the relatively low tides on Monday and Tuesday to conduct sea star counts.  The data collected will be sent to the Multi-Agency Rocky Intertidal Mon…

June 30th - July 6th 2014

Daily Tides
Monday, June 30th Low Tide: -0.2 @ 9:23 AM
Tuesday, July 1st Low Tide: 0.1' @ 9:53 AM
Wednesday, July 2nd Low Tide: 0.4' @ 10:24 AM
Thursday, July 3rd Low Tide: 0.8' @ 10:58 AM
Friday, July 4th Low Tide: 1.3 @ 11:37 AM
Saturday, July 5th Low Tide: 1.8' @ 12:23 PM
Sunday, July 6th Low Tide: 2.2 @ 1:18 PM
Notes from the week
Sunny, warm weather kept visitor counts high in the week leading up to and over the holiday weekend. Our highest visitor count was on Saturday, July 5th with 268 people exploring the intertidal at one time. The City of Cannon Beach offers visitors a relief from the craziness of the 4th of July, and helps to protect the nesting birds at Haystack Rock, by celebrating with a Fireworks Free holiday. Over the weekend, Friends of Haystack Rock participated in the festivities by sponsoring the Great Cannon Beach Puffin Watch. Volunteers were out with spotting scopes and binoculars Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings, educating the public about …

June 23rd to June 29th 2014

Daily Low Tides

Monday, June 23rd 2.3' @ 4:16 PM
Tuesday, June 24th -0.5' @ 5:31 AM
2.5' @ 5:09 PM; ended early due to no exposure

Wednesday, June 25th
-0.7' @ 6:18 AM
2.6' @ 5:58 PM

Thursday, June 26th
-0.8' @ 7:01 AM
2.7' @ 6:44 PM

Friday, June 27th
-0.8' @ 7:40 AM
2.7' @ 7:28 PM; cancelled due to weather

Saturday, June 28th
-0.6' @ 8:17 AM
2.7' @ 8:09 PM; cancelled

Sunday, June 29th
-0.4' @ 8:51 AM

Notes from the Week

Tufted Puffins (Fratercula cirrhata)

There were a lot of sightings of Tufted Puffins during the week. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Volunteer Interpreter Jay Bukalski even reported seeing two Puffins delivering fish to their burrows - which means there are chicks in there!

The largest of America's puffins, the Tufted Puffin is the only one that nests on the Oregon coast. It is a pelagic seabird spending most of the year at sea far from land and returning to land in April to nest and raise their chicks. When they arrive to the…

June 16th to June 22nd 2014

Daily Low Tides

Monday, June 16th -1.2' @ 9:56 AM
Tuesday, June 17th -0.7' @ 10:43 AM

Wednesday, June 18th
-0.1' @ 11:33 AM

Thursday, June 19th
0.5' @ 12:25 PM

Friday, June 20th
1.2' @ 1:22 PM

Saturday, June 21st; shift lengthened to be on the beach before public parking for Sandcastle Day
1.7' @ 2:21 PM

Sunday, June 22nd
2.1' @ 3:20 PM

Notes from the Week

From the HRAP Program Coordinator: Sunday, June 22nd our oystercatcher chick hatched! If you look closely at Neal Maine's photograph below you will see something amazing, mother black oystercatcher with her newly hatched chick and a soon to be hatched egg. This and other evidence proves that there may have in fact been three eggs laid, not just one. A hatchling and potentially another chick is very exciting news, especially considering the state of the black oystercatcher population. But the challenge is not over yet! Chicks are even more susceptible to human and natural disturbances such as predation.…