Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Guess what? Guess what? THE BLACK OYSTERCATCHERS HAVE BABIES!!!! THREE OF THEM!!!!!! AND THEY SURVIVED THEIR FIRST WEEK OF LIFE!!!!     We are REALLY excited about the little fellas. It has been a week and a half of a lot of excitement and a little added stress. We are working hard to ensure that the parents are happy and that the babies are protected. Please help us do that by understanding why there might be more area closed off than normal. Black Oystercatchers are extremely special birds and we are lucky to have a pair that nests at the Rock.

Ready for the quick and dirty story of Black Oystercatchers: They are shore birds who are considered a species of concern because their population is so low. It is estimated that there is only 400 on the entire coastline of Oregon, approximately one for every mile. They are territorial and will loudly chase off any other Oystercatcher that comes to close. At the Rock, there has been a pair nesting for a while. Unfortunately, it has been three years since they were successful in their nesting, even though they have tried relentlessly.

This year that changed, there was a successful nest. We suspect that the reason for the somewhat sudden change was that there is a new pair of Black Oystercatchers nesting at the Rock and that one of them is the off-spring from a few years ago. And that the old pair has simply moved over to the Needles as happy “grandparents”.

Never the less, there is babies running around the Rock!!! 

© 2017 Diana Robinson.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Photos: A Happy Update from Us to You!

❤ Here is an update of our magical moments from Haystack Rock! ❤

One of our favorite visitors, Barbara Hauser, wearing the latest fashion in Puffin! Puffins line down alongside the center of her coat's zipper. Don't we all wish we had one of these? 🙋🙌

This is what our inter tidal area of Haystack Rock's Marine Preserve looks like once the tide starts coming up quick! Be aware and don't forget, the ocean comes up really quick (after hitting low tide)!💧💦

A beautiful, healthy sea star enjoying some underwater sun!😁

The sunset frames Haystack Rock in pink from sea to sky! 💗

All Photos by: Brianna Ortega

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Discover Haystack Rock - Puffin Puppets

Saturday was a busy day at the Rock. There were three events going on simultaneously—a guided tide pool tour, the Great Puffin Watch, and a Discover Haystack Rock event about puffins. All three went totally perfectly. Discover Haystack Rock is an event/activity that we put on once a month throughout the summer. This month we made paper puffin puppets out of brown paper bags, paper, glue, and super fun googley eyes. The children, parents, and even grandparents loved every second of it. The wind served to be a little bit of an issue, but luckily no puffin puppets went flying away. All the kiddos walked away with a fun new Tufted Puffin puppet and a ton of new knowledge about the wonderful puffins living at Haystack Rock. It was absolutely FABULOUS!

 Yay puffins! 
A grandpa really wanted to make one for his grandson.

One Visitor took the puppet to the next level by adding eyebrows and a beautiful rainbow. 

"Quick everyone hold up their stunning puffins!"

Even our HRAP staff Kari and Jesse got involved in the fun!

Thank you to all the visitors that came out to Discover Haystack Rock with us today and there will be another chance to Discover Haystack Rock in August!