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August 11th - August 17th, 2014

Daily Low Tides

Monday, August 11th
Low tide: -1.4' @ 7:44 AM
Low tide: 0.7' @ 7:56 PM

Tuesday, August 12th
Low tide: -1.2' @ 8:27 AM

Wednesday, August 13th
Low tide: -0.8' @ 9:09 AM

Thursday, August 14th
Low tide: -0.2' @ 9:52 AM

Friday, August 15th
Low tide: 0.5' @ 10:35 AM

Saturday, August 16th
Low tide: 1.2' @ 11:22 AM

Sunday, August 17th
Low tide: 1.9' @ 12:16 PM

Notes from the week

The HRAP team spotted lots of nudibranchs, or sea slugs, this week, including the leopard, shaggy mouse, red (or Rostanga) and opalescent. These animals are molluscs-- as are snails, chitons, limpets, clams, squid, and octopus! Most molluscs have at least a bit of shell-- one notable exception being the octopus-- and even most sea slugs have a shell in their larval stage. Sea slugs often specialize on a cnidarian (animals with stinging cells, like jellyfish and anemones). Not only are they undeterred by these animals' stinging cells (or cnidocytes) but they actually…

August 4th - August 10th 2014

Daily Low Tides

Monday, August 4th
Low tide: 2.3' @ 12:34 PM

Tuesday, August 5th
Low tide: 2.7' @ 1:43 PM

Wednesday, August 6th
Low tide: 2.8' @ 2:58 PM

Thursday, August 7th
Low tide: 2.6' @ 4:08 PM

Friday, August 8th
Low tide: -0.8' @ 5:22 AM
Low tide: 2.2' @ 5:10 PM

Saturday, August 9th
Low tide: -1.2' @ 6:13 AM
Low tide: 1.7' @ 6:08 PM

Sunday, August 10th
Low tide: -1.4' @ 6:59 AM
Low tide: 1.2' @ 7:03 PM

Notes from the week

Another busy week here at Haystack Rock, both for the humans and for the birds! Tufted puffins can still be seen guarding their burrows, and the black oystercatcher pair continues incubating their precious eggs, which should be hatching any day now. Oystercatcher hatchlings are precocious and able to leave the nest as soon as their downy feathers dry-- usually within about 24 hours of hatching; tufted puffin hatchlings aren't quite as mobile and must stay in the nest longer. Both species stick by their parents' sid…

July 28th - August 3rd 2014

Daily Low Tides

Monday, July 28th
Low tide: 2.0' @ 8:28 PM

Tuesday, July 29th
Low tide: -0.1' @ 8:52 AM

Wednesday, July 30th
Low tide: 0.2' @ 9:20 AM

Thursday, July 31st
Low tide: 0.5 @ 9:48 AM

Friday, August 1st
Low tide: 0.9' @ 10:18 AM

Saturday, August 2nd
Low tide: 1.3' @ 10:54 AM

Sunday, August 3rd
Low tide: 1.9' @ 11:38 AM

Notes from the week

The unusually large beaching event of purple hydroid "jellyfish" known as Velella velella continued this week. A couple of other maritime creatures visited the shore as well, including a lion's mane jellyfish on Wednesday and a juvenile harbor seal on Thursday.

 Lion's mane jellyfish washed up on the sand.
In addition to these animals, the waves brought us some beautiful sand patterns.

Sort of an "art deco" sand pattern.
Sand patterns can be like a Rorschach inkblot test. One volunteer saw a scallop shell here. What do you see?
On Friday, we were also lucky enough to witness a hermit crab …

July 21st-July 27th 2014

Daily Low Tides

Monday, July 21st
Low tide: 2.4' @ 2:41 PM

Tuesday, July 22nd
Low tide: 2.6' @ 3:52 PM

Wednesday, July 23rd
Low tide: -0.3' at 5:12 AM
Low tide: 2.6' @ 4:49 PM

Thursday, July 24th
Low tide: -0.5' @ 5:59AM
Low tide: 2.5 @ 5:40 PM

Friday, July 25th
Low tide: -0.6@ 6:40 AM
Low tide: 2.4' @ 6:26 PM

Low tide: -0.6@ 7:17 AM
Low tide: 2.3' @ 7:10 PM

Low tide: -0.5@ 7:52 AM
Low tide: 2.2'@ 7:50 PM

Notes from the Week

HRAP staff and volunteers worked extra hard this week covering double daily low tides. For tide pool enthusiasts like us, one of the joys of summer is good low tides and long daylight hours to take advantage of them. Another joy of summer is beautiful weather, which we've had in spades lately-- except for Wednesday, when multiple squalls, complete with bursts of torrential rain, interrupted one of our beach shifts. Kudos to our visitors for braving the bouts of bad weather with good humor and enthusiasm.

The d…

July 7th - July 13th 2014

Daily Low Tides

Monday, July 7th
Low Tide: 2.6' @ 2:21 PM

Tuesday, July 8th
Low Tide: 2.7' @ 3:25 PM

Wednesday, July 9th
Low Tide: 2.7' @ 4:26 PM

Thursday, July 10th
Low Tide: -0.7' @ 5:45 AM
Low Tide: 2.6' @ 5:25 PM

Friday, July 11th
Low Tide: -1.2 @ 6:34 AM
Low Tide: 2.4 @ 6:21 PM

Saturday, July 12th
Low Tide: -1.5 @ 7:21 AM
Low Tide: 2.1 @ 7:15 PM

Sunday, July 13th
Low Tide: -1.6 @ 8:07 AM - Lowest tide of the year!
Low Tide:1.8 @ 8:09 PM

Notes from the week

Great weather and our lowest tides of the year combined to make this an excellent time to explore the tidepools at Haystack Rock. This post is going to mostly be a list and photos of some of the amazing creatures we saw!

Creature Highlights

Black Oystercatchers (Haematopus bachmani)- observed in the saddle area potentially looking to nest again?Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalis)Great Blue Herron (Ardea herodias) - flew over and disturbed nesting birdsPigeon Guillemot (Cepphus columba) - observed with ch…