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August 25th-August 31st

August 25th-August 31st

Daily Low Tides

Monday, August 25th
-0.2' @ 7:20 AM
1.3' @ 7:29 PM

Tuesday, August 26th
0 @ 7:51 AM

Wednesday, August 27th
0.2' @ 8:19 AM

Thursday, August 28th
0.5' @ 8:47 AM

Friday, August 29th
0.8' @ 9:15 AM

Saturday, August 30th
1.2' @ 9:45 AM

Sunday, August 31st
1.7' @ 10:22 AM

This week saw lots of sea gooseberries (a type of ctenophore, or comb jelly) and jellyfish washed up on the beach, although no more purple sailors. We also spotted a rock louse, an arthropod that looks a bit like a cockroach.

A rock louse climbing over barnacles. Photo by Katie Corliss.
Shifting our gaze upwards: the last of the tufted puffins are still hanging around, spotted mainly on the north and west sides of the Rock. As the nesting season winds down, these birds will begin heading out to open sea, where they spend their winters. They'll be back in March.

Puffins aren't the only birds winding down their nesting season. HRAP interpreters …

August 18th-August 24th

August 18th- August 24th

Daily Low Tides

Monday, August 18th
2.4' @ 1:18 PM

Tuesday, August 19th
2.7' @ 2:27 PM

Wednesday, August 20th
2.7' @ 3:33 PM

Thursday, August 21st
2.5' @ 4:32 PM

Friday, August 22nd
-0.2' @ 5:32 AM

Saturday, August 23rd
-0.3' @ 6:12 AM
 1.9' @ 6:09 PM

Sunday, August 24th
-0.3' @ 6:48 AM
1.6' @ 6:50 PM

Notes from the week

First, an addition to our notes from a couple weeks back. Remember the mighty fighting anemones from our August 4th-10th post? In that post, we linked to documentary footage of anemones defending their territory by extending their stinging, club-shaped acrorhagi. This week, thanks to staff interpreter Alanna Kieffer, we have video of our own Haystack Rock anemones doing the same thing.

  Green sea anemones "fighting."
Also, some good news from the Rock this week: HRAP interpreters spotted lots of juvenile and adult ochre stars (one of the species that has been hit hard by Sea Star Wasting Disease--…