March 21st, 2013

Low Tide: 0.4' @ 10:33

With the rain finally breaking and the sun coming out after so many windy days on the beach, Friday's shift was a welcome relief to HRAP staff and volunteers. Visitor's appreciated the weather as well with our highest count at 56 people in the intertidal.

Our creature highlights from the day included:

  • A pair of Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalis) hunting
  • A six-armed Ochre Sea Star (Pisaster ochraceus)
  • Matts of Dogwinkle Whelk Snail eggs (Nucella sp.)
  • Opalescent Nudibranch (Hermissenda crassicornis)
  • Janolus Nudibranch (Janolus fuscus) - Our first sighting so far this season!
Six-armed Ochre Sea Star

Dogwinkle Whelk Snail Egg mass on the underside of a boulder.

Check back to this post as I try to get more photos from this shift!


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