September 8th to September 14th

Daily Low Tides

Monday, September 8th
-0.9' @ 6:33 AM
0.2' @ 6:50 PM

Tuesday, September 9th
-0.8' @ 7:17 AM
-0.3 @ 7:41 PM

Wednesday, September 10th
-0.5' @ 7:59 AM
-0.6 @ 8:30 PM

Thursday, September 11th
0.0' @ 8:41 AM
-0.6 @ 9:19 PM

Friday, September 12th
0.6' @ 9:22 AM

Saturday, September 13th
1.2' @ 10:06 AM

Sunday, September 14th
1.8' @ 10:53 AM

Notes from the week

Plumrose Anemone (Metridium senile), an infrequent sighting for Haystack Rock, were seen on the north wall of Haystack Rock.  This anemone is typically 2 inches high and can grow to a 2 inch diameter at the base. It feeds on inverterbrate larvae and copepods.  The anemone produces asexually and the new individual is a clone of the original.

A large colony of Plumose Anemones on the north side of Haystack Rock
Photo by Katie Corliss

Another infrequently sighted invertebrate, the Swimming Scallop (Chlamys rubida) - also called the Smooth Pink Scallop) was spotted this week. The scallop's habitat is rocky areas at depths of up to 660 ft. They have pink, purple, or orange shells and can grow up to 2 1/2 inches.

Swimming Scallop
Photo by Katie Corliss

The highest visitor count for the week was on the 14th with 150 in the late morning.

Creature Highlights

  • Black Oystercatcher (Haematopus bachmani)
  • Common Murre (Uria aalge)

  • Swimming Scallop (Chlamys rubida
  • Plumose Anemone (Metridium senile
  • Stalked Tunicate (Styela motereyensis) - also called the long-stalked sea squirt; lives in the low inter-tidal zone to depths of 100 feet. They grow up to 10 inches.
  • Granular Claw Crab (Oedignathus inermis) - a soft-bellied crab that grow in rocky crevices in the mid-intertidal zone up to depths of 50 feet. 
  • Opalescent Nudibranch (Hermissenda crassicornis)
  • Rufus Tipped Nudibranch (Acanthodoris nanaimoensis)
  • Red Rock Crab (Cancer productus)

  • Sea Lettuce (Ulva fenestrata)

Photos from Haystack Rock

Granular Claw Crabs 
Photo by Katie Corliss

Stalked Tunicate
Photo by Susan Glarum

Opalescent Nudibranch
Photo by Katie Corliss

Rufus Tipped Nudibranch
Photo by Kaite Corliss

Haystack Rock at Low Tide on a beautiful sunny day!
Photo by Susan Glarum


Sept, J. Duane. The Beachcomber's Guide to Seashore Life in the Pacific Northwest. Madeira Park, BC Canada: Harbour Publishing, 1999.


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